Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice

Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice temperature-controlled packaging uses tried and tested Crēdo Cube™ technology to safely and efficiently deliver health-giving and life-saving products to patients. Reduce costs and protect the environment by replacing single-use solutions with reusable cold chain packaging designed to protect deep frozen payloads for more than 144 hours.

Crēdo Cube Dry Ice reusable shippers minimize dry ice sublimation and hold required temperature ranges to reduce re-ice touch points and the risk of excursions. Coupled with an efficient payload-to-volume ratio, these shippers use 75 percent less dry ice than single use solutions. The Crēdo Cube Dry Ice shipper is also reusable, therefore can be used many times to help your company's ESG goals, compared to traditional dry ice products.

Plage de températures
Caisse Crēdo Cube™ 5L
Sub -65°C
5.00 L
144.0 h
Caisse Crēdo Cube™ 17L
Sub -65°C
17.00 L
96.0 h

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